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Petr Štetiar <> writes:
>> > Any code I write I put under as liberal license as possible with a
>> > restrictive clause to prevent it being GPL'd because if it becomes
>> > GPL'd,
>> i.e.... you restrict your audience, when you don't need to.
> Hm, I wonder what do you mean. Is it possible to take my MIT licensed
> code, put it somewhere and dual license it under GPL or even worse relicense
> it under GPL only?

If your code is combined with some other code to form a program, then
distribution of the program is constrained by the most restrictive
license of any of its parts.  If some code in the program is [GNU] GPL
licensed, then that would probably end up being the GPL.

But I think someone could extract only your source file from the
program's source and the MIT license would apply to that part.

So I don't think your code is being "relicensed."


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