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2009/12/11 spir <>:
> David Jones <> dixit:
>> I am amused to note that your comment syntax means that a '---' at the
>> beginning of the file would make all code comments, and all comments
>> code.
>> drj
> Pleased to read you're amused. Why you would enjoy starting a code file with an unmatched "---"? Note that your comment applies to various syntactic tokens in numerous languages. (Python coders sleep well with """ and '''.) Present Lua multiline marks introduce another issue. (Both beeing solved by proper syntax highlighting, btw.)

Ooh. You're right about """ in Python, I hadn't spotted that.  You can
flip code and strings around the same way... Hmm. :)

> Side note: I _greatly_ dislike the tone of your reply. There was nothing offensive in my post, afaik, or was there? Maybe I mistake it because of non mastering english language; in which case: excuse me.

Well, I didn't intend to offend, but it's just possible that some of
my tiredness at reading so many syntax discussions came across.  To be
perfectly honest, discussing syntax is fun (I like writing lexers and
parsers), and it's easy.  Every programmer knows a bit of syntax, it's
what they have to type every day.

But in the end I've seen too many languages to think that syntax is
_very_ important.  It is important to pay some attention to it, but
Lua's syntax is fine.  It's not so horrible that it would interfere
with programming on a day to day basis (I program in Python a lot, and
after years and years I _still_ think that its whitespace is a stupid
stupid feature, but I just live it.  I cope).  Yes, when I return to
Lua after a break, I do have to pause to remember that not equals is
~=, and a bunch of other things, but it's all fine.