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spir wrote:
for the following reasons:
1. Nicer to type.
2. Much less visual noise.
3. I just had a bug because ']]' was part of a comment.
This could be either an alternative or a replacement for the present pattern. At first sight, I cannot see any parsing problem. Also, "---" can hardly happen by chance inside a string or comment.

It seems to me that 1 and 2 are just personal preference (which is not to say you're not entitled to your opinion...). As for the last comment, both I and many people I know frequently use "---" inside strings and comments. Many writers (and programmers) use it to offset a subordinate---or parenthetical---clause from the rest of the sentence.

Finally, "---" as a long comment delimiter probably would interfere with LuaDoc---which probably doesn't get used as much as it should :)