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On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 11:58 PM, Benjamin Tolputt
<> wrote:
> Jim Whitehead II wrote:
>> I am not suggesting we coordinate on a peer to peer basis.  I said,
>> very plainly, to contact me if you are interested.  There is of course
>> a mailing list, but I have absolutely no interest in simply moving
>> this thread to the new mailing list.
>> ...
>> What didn't happen in the past was any action.  That's something (at
>> least with luaforge/snippets) I'm hoping to change
> I think what some of the people are concerned about, Jim, is that your
> project could also wind up going nowhere. No offence, abandoned projects
> are pretty standard fare in the open source world. Not everyone
> expressing interest in this project is intending to be a developer or
> even top have input. However, a large number of us are invested in there
> being a replacement to LuaForge (in whatever fashion that may be) and
> the we cannot just keep pinging you on the progress.

I understand.  I never once meant to imply that you needed to ping me
for progress.  I stated very clearly that if you are interested in the
discussion or development, to contact me.  I will then ensure that you
are included in the discussion.

> We're interested in there being action too. You'll notice no-one is
> worried about you taking leadership or such-like. We're simply worried
> that we'll be waiting on progress reports or implementations long after
> you've stopped developing the project.

I don't intend you to wait.  I just asked you to contact me to be
included in the discussion.  Given that at that point (and even now)
we had not completely decided on where the discussion was going to
take place I think that's reasonable.

> A LuaForge replacement is not like developing a new module to Lua - it
> affects everyone LOOKING FOR modules & improvements they can use in/with
> Lua. It affects everyone.
> As such, a project page where we can see progress (or worst case, lack
> thereof) will give us confidence to leave you alone.

I don't want you to leave me alone, I want you to be involved in the
project.  That's precisely why I asked anyone who is interested to
contact me.  I'm really having difficulty understanding where the
communications breakdown has happened here.  Given that, it's almost
certainly something I've done or said, but now that I am aware of it
I'm not sure how I can be much clearer.

- Jim