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It was thus said that the Great Kenneth Forsbäck once stated:
> As I said, keep it as simple as possible. If UTF-8 becomes valid for 
> names, how are those who don't speak chinese going to use the code? How 
> about rules for what is valid and what is not? Will there be a auxiliary 
> program that can easily convert from hanji to latin characters? What 
> about readability?

  I might ask how are those who don't speak English going to use the code?
Or (to turn things completely around) say I find some useful code in Håstad

	medan not_done
	  för x:= 1 till 5 gör
	    om person^.age = 120 så
	    om person^.age > 130 så
	      gåtill person_should_be_dead;

  I've seen my share of code written in other langauges, and while I never
ended up using such code, if I did find it useful and needed to include it,
I would have just treated the codebase as obfuscated (or a black box) and go
from there.

  Heck, there are even people that claim to understand Perl, so I think it's
safe to say that programmers can get used to just about anything if the need
is there.

  -spc (heck, I used to program BASIC ... )

[1]	A made-up language for a blog entry I did a year ago:

	which is somewhat related to this, but not really.