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2009/10/5 Enrico Colombini <>:
> Jerome Vuarand wrote:
>> Being able to use accented letters or even non-roman characters would
>> be a useful tool to teach programming to people not speaking english.
> ...or just contribute to their confusion. You don't probably know how many
> Italians type the wrong accent on the letter 'e' while just writing. Many
> don't even know that there are two different accents.
> I found no difficulty in teaching programming to non-english people using
> ASCII... and I suspect the Lua authors didn't either :-)

Italian and portuguese use alphabets based on the latin one, as do
most european languages, and most of these alphabets letters have a
very similar cousin in ASCII. But think about Russian, Chinese or
Japanese people. While most can use a roman alphabet, many (especially
the young) may be more comfortable with their local characters.