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Enrico Colombini wrote:
>> I can see a place for a batteries included distro of Lua for Linux,
>> but don't most people use Lua as an embedded extension in some app
>> they're working on?
> I use Lua both in an embedded system and for stand-alone PC apps/utils.
> For the latter, I think LfW is a godsend: at last I can tell my users
> "just install this".
>   Enrico

Hear, hear - I use lua as a general purpose scripting language on linux
- with these added libs there will be less rolling my own, and more
solving the problem at hand.

Jim Mellander
Incident Response Manager
Computer Protection Program
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
(510) 486-7204

The reason you are having computer problems is:

_Rosin_ core solder? But...