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2009/6/17 Jan Schütze <>:
> It will never be possible to make all lua-libraries available and always
> up to date as .deb, .rpm-suse, .rpm-rhel. rpm-rhel-i386, and so on, so I
> think luarocks is a better way to go here. Just my opinion.

That's the basic problem; getting probably dozens of little packages
into the distros.  They are obviously resistant to that, and probably
for a good reason.  apt-get is very good for getting an application,
or a big library, but for such fine-grained stuff  -don't know if it
scales properly.  And then there's the integration aspect.  Imagine
how irritating it would be for Python users if a Python install
involved dozens of little modules?  Granted, meta packages and all
that.  But it would be a bitch getting any kind of integrated help

luarocks is a better way to go if you already have a clue ;)  L4L is
aimed mostly at new Lua users as a good 'starter-pack'. Combine that
with a pretty interface to the LuaRocks repositories, and we're away

steve d.