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Ico wrote:
* On 2009-06-10 Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote  :

* Lexer Only: Hex format definition (you know, 0x00000000, 0x0F001CE0,
You can do that already in 5.1.

Indeed. But you still can not do "foo\x0f\x00\x1c\xe0bar".
I am the original poster of the '\x## notation' thread which has been
getting attention every now and then over the past weeks. A lot of
people have participated in this thread, and a lot of different opinions
were given, although most of those seem to be in favour of this future.

I am still very curious to hear if the Lua developers have managed to
form an official opinion on wether this is a feature likely to be added
to future Lua versions ?
I see nothing wrong with it, but worse comes to worse I'm sure someone will churn out a power patch for it eventually. (We hope.) There's a reason why we get Source access, though contrary to what the media would have you believe developers don't release source code because they want users to have full power, they release source code because they can then tell you to stop whining and add it yourself (or at least that's what I do, unless it's a really really good idea). :-p

Slightly off topic:
Would it be possible some more documentation in-code? So far the only comments I've really found are the copyright notices and a bunch of artistically placed notes-to-self-this-is-what-I-did with some semi-cryptic (totally cryptic in worse cases, and not at all in best, but there are few best cases) one or two liners. Would it be possible to add some more explanations for those less enlightened such as myself?