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On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 9:15 AM, Olivier Hamel<> wrote:
> Probably way pre-mature but I can resist asking, does anyone but Roberto
> know anything of what will be the next version of Lua? I'm interested
> because from what I've seen Lua has a (good?) peculiar tendency to radically
> change it's 'feel'/design radically at each iteration.

The wiki page that someone started last year is probably the closest
we have right now:

> Just interested in knowing what might be in the next version, partially
> because I can't think of anything to add other than a few minor features
> (different numerics support, built-in/standardized bitwise ops, integeral
> divisions, most of these are available via patches but it'd be nice IMHO if
> they were standard).
> Apologies ahead of time if I'm ahead of things here...