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On Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 11:35 AM, E. Wing <> wrote:
> I posted to the LuaObjCBridge mailing list about this awhile back and
> didn't get any response.

Please accept my apologies.

I became unsubscribed and never noticed because there was so little
traffic. I am subscribed again.

Please feel free to continue this discussion there.

>> Nobody cares about backwards compatibility (and if they do, they have
>> a copy of the old code, they can choose to pull patches or not).
> So my changes are a bit worse than that. I switched the code back to
> the Obj-C runtime APIs from the Foundation/NSInvocation stuff. There
> is a bad bug on the NSInvocation side I wasn't able to isolate. I'm
> assuming it was switched to NSInvocation to avoid the Obj-C 2.0
> deprecation warnings for 64-bit. However, this code wasn't working for

Switching from something that has a bad bug to something that works
sounds like a great idea.

The only reason the bridge is implemented twice is Tom was curious to
learn how to do it. I switched it arbitrarily to the API that looked
like it would work on OS X and Linux. But... is anybody using lua with
obj-c on Linux? Not that I've heard.

So, commit your code, it sounds like an improvement in all possible
ways. And add your long email describing the chagnes as a CHANGES.txt,
its great.

> I was loose in a few places and use some new Lua 5.1 APIs which means
> it won't compile with 5.0 as the old one did, though this may just be

lua5.1 was released 2 1/2 years ago, anybody who must keep using it is
free to send  patches, or commit patches to the CVS.

Anyway, neither you, I, nor anyone else is volunteering to maintain
backwards compatible versions of lua-objc-bridge for lua 5.0.

As for next-gen work... I would suggest continuing to mutate the
bridge in non-backwards compatible ways as necessary. If you decide to
do a radical break, feel free to make a new branch, if you would like.

Thanks for your efforts,