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Thank you, guys, for all those tips!

----- Mensagem original ----
De: E. Wing <>
Para: Lua list <>
Enviadas: Quarta-feira, 5 de Novembro de 2008 21:35:06
Assunto: Re: Lua for Objective-C

On 11/5/08, Sam Roberts <> wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 3:53 AM, Jose Marin <> wrote:
>> Is there any stable port of Lua for Objective-C? Or for MacOS?
>> I didn´t find any good solution using google.
> There is a binding on luaforge, or two. I uploaded one with some fixes
> to the original. There's been occaisonal talk about merging things,
> but nobody is using the binding very often. If you start, you'll
> probably have patches, email me and I'll give you admin access so you
> can push the patches back.

As previously stated, Obj-C is a pure superset of C, so you don't need
to do anything special to use Lua with Obj-C.

However, if you plan to bridge a lot between Obj-C and Lua, there are
some Lua/Obj-C bridges out there that try to make this more

Tom McClean's LuaObjCBridge is the one on LuaForge. There are two
different pages; one points you to the other.

Gus Mueller built on top of it and added extra manual bindings. He
calls his project 'LuaCore' which contains an older snapshot of the

I was bitten by a bunch of bugs/limitations in the LuaObjCBridge and
needed additional manual bindings, so I made a bunch of fixes and
enhancements to both the LuaObjCBridge and LuaCore. Some of the
changes will break backwards compatibility so I didn't merge them back
in. Instead, I posted the changes in a separate branch which you can
find here:

Finally, Dan Treiman and I have been discussing a next gen Lua/ObjC
bridge, but we have both been really busy so it hasn't materialized


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