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On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 3:35 PM, E. Wing <> wrote:
> Tom McClean's LuaObjCBridge is the one on LuaForge. There are two
> different pages; one points you to the other.
> Gus Mueller built on top of it and added extra manual bindings. He
> calls his project 'LuaCore' which contains an older snapshot of the
> LuaObjCBridge.
> I was bitten by a bunch of bugs/limitations in the LuaObjCBridge and
> needed additional manual bindings, so I made a bunch of fixes and
> enhancements to both the LuaObjCBridge and LuaCore. Some of the
> changes will break backwards compatibility so I didn't merge them back
> in. Instead, I posted the changes in a separate branch which you can
> find here:


You have commit access to the luaforge projects, why not push your changes?

Nobody cares about backwards compatibility (and if they do, they have
a copy of the old code, they can choose to pull patches or not).

Perhaps I should just delete the luaforge project if people keep
forking it rather than commiting code into it, so its not part of the
proliferation of closed and eventually dead obj-c bridge codebases. 5
and counting?

Its not like the barrier is high, I've given commit access to
everybody that says they are working with the bridge.