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> You have commit access to the luaforge projects, why not push your changes?

I posted to the LuaObjCBridge mailing list about this awhile back and
didn't get any response.

> Nobody cares about backwards compatibility (and if they do, they have
> a copy of the old code, they can choose to pull patches or not).

So my changes are a bit worse than that. I switched the code back to
the Obj-C runtime APIs from the Foundation/NSInvocation stuff. There
is a bad bug on the NSInvocation side I wasn't able to isolate. I'm
assuming it was switched to NSInvocation to avoid the Obj-C 2.0
deprecation warnings for 64-bit. However, this code wasn't working for
me. And I don't know off-hand if my fixes for memory management will
work with the Foundation side of the code base.

I was loose in a few places and use some new Lua 5.1 APIs which means
it won't compile with 5.0 as the old one did, though this may just be
in the LuaCore extras. But also, in my LuaCore additions, I added a
lot of stuff for Core Animation which is Leopard only.

> Perhaps I should just delete the luaforge project if people keep
> forking it rather than commiting code into it, so its not part of the
> proliferation of closed and eventually dead obj-c bridge codebases. 5
> and counting?

I think it is fine. We might put a document up describing the
different forks. There really aren't that many.

Ultimately, though, I think we really need to get the next-gen bridge going.