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Esther Schindler wrote:
On Oct 10, 2008, at 7:02 AM, KHMan wrote:
Luiz was responding to a specific part of your posting. To call it '"go away" unhelpful' is outrageous. You should apologize.

If the effect is to make the message-writer feel unwelcome, then it was unhelpful and unfriendly. That is totally in the ears (er, eyes) of the beholder.

You are being overly-sensitive. When you enter a list community, you need to get in tune with the community. Terse here does not mean disrespect. We can't be expected to drop everything and give you our undivided attention.

In any case, Luiz cannot provide you with quotes, since he is one of the authors of Lua. He merely pointed out something that might help you along, and now you are jumping all over him.

Do you expect everyone in this community to be in tune with you, at once, instead of you having to tune in to us?

There is zero intention of telegraphing 'unwelcomeness'. It is not the entire community that need to adjust to one single person, it is the person that needs to adjust to the community.

When in Rome...

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia