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Esther Schindler wrote:
I appreciate your peacemaking efforts, Hisham. Some of them were slightly misplaced, but the effort is admirable. <warm smile>

I have no problem with brevity. I rarely engage in it myself, mind you, but I'm fine with a clear, short answer. When they're articulate, they make good quotes. The original responder's message, however, was not terse; it was "go away" unhelpful.

I object to this kind of characterization. The above is outrageously inaccurate. Go look at the 'original responder's' message again:

Luiz was responding to a specific part of your posting. To call it '"go away" unhelpful' is outrageous. You should apologize.

But I do get a sincere chuckle regarding being told the basics of netiquette. I've been involved in online communities since 1984, and running them since 1990. I spent several years as a programmer (optimizing compilers, among other things) so I am no stranger to developer-grunts, particularly when they think a clueless newbie has wandered into their midst.

Luiz's posting didn't telegraphed anything like that. It was terse, that all. It didn't claim to answer your request for quotes. It merely answered one specific portion of your posting. If you're reading things that are not there, then you are at fault, not the responder.

[snip snip]

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia