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2008/8/24 RJP Computing <>:
> I don't mean to say this discussions is not a good one, but can I get some
> feedback on the original issue about adding the 'clib' to the default Lua
> Binaries. Thanks.

I much prefer module DLLs to be kept separate from the Lua executable
and DLL, so I'm in favour of this in principle.

In practice, I build my own Lua (to avoid funnies with the VC8
runtimes), so I don't have a direct interest. For what it's worth, I
patched the standard definitions as follows:

#define LUA_LDIR	"!\\..\\lua\\"
#define LUA_CDIR	"!\\..\\dll\\"
		".\\?.lua;"  LUA_LDIR"?.lua;"  LUA_LDIR"?\\init.lua;" \
		             LUA_CDIR"?.lua;"  LUA_CDIR"?\\init.lua"

So I have a directory structure

    ...\Lua\bin -> lua.exe, lua51.dll, luac.exe
    ...\Lua\dll -> lpeg.dll, lfs.dll, etc
    ...\Lua\lua -> logging.lua, socket.lua, etc

This feels "cleaner" to me, at least.

I'd rather that there was a standard of some sort, whatever it might
be. And I'd rather that it separated the Lua exes and DLLs from
loadable modules - but I'm not sure that anything not in the official
Lua sources can count as a "standard".