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Antonio Scuri, from the Lua Binaries project, asked me to post a proposal that the  Lua for Windows team had about updating the LUA_CPATH. Here is a bit of the conversation and my thoughts. I would like to hear what the group thinks about this. Thanks

The change I am proposing is to add 'clib' to the LUA_CPATH

example LUA_CPATH:


Why this is really necessary? Our policy is to use the source code as it is from the site. We change only the makefiles.

I usually agree 100% with the philosophy of not updating the source, but it is hard to have all your modules be in the exact same directory as Lua.exe. So the reasoning for updating is so that your Lua directory can be well organized, without polluting the global LUA_CPATH. By setting the LUA_CPATH, the original thread poster, said that it broke a few of the already working applications with Lua built in. I have to agree, after I made this installer it broke two of my applications, but the fix was easy.

What do you think about this? (I would like to hear from you before posting to the list)

I would actually like the addition of a C module directory to be up in the official release, do you think this could happen?  I personally feel like this small change is worth it because the 'luaconf.h' file is in place to change this sort of thing. I do feel like it is good to talk about this first without just giving in. I know that if it meant that the LfW project needed to build its own version of Lua, I would not sign up for that. We need to work together and use effort that is already out there.

What do you think about this? The name clib can be changed, the point is really about _some_ directory being added for the C modules.
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