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RJP Computing writes:
> What if you didn't use LuaRocks in the exact way that it was
> intended and only used it to get new modules. Specifically,
> I am saying _not_ to use the 'require "luarocks.require"'
> statement at all. Then use LuaRocks to install the modules
> into a directory that LfW has already setup, to look in for
> new modules.

Apart from implementing an alternative flat storage structure in LuaRocks as a
configurable option, a related approach is to use LuaRocks as is but then run a
postprocessing script that copies or links the rocks files back into a flat
structure, assuming they can be relocated.  (That is essentially the approach of
the "relink" utility I mentioned previously.)  This may be suitable concerning
the LfW maintainer using LuaRocks to build the initial LfW distribution, but an
end-user might ask why there would be such a limitation:

> I understand that this takes some functionality away

Such as having multiple versions of modules installed simultaneously. (Perl CPAN
has been limited in this way.)