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2008/8/20 eugeny gladkih <>:
>  RK> Size, simplicity and performance.  It might be nice to have
>  RK> a "blessed"
> what performance do you speak of? that's mostly a time of disk
> I/O. simplicity... it'll take a few lines of a code - maybe 50,
> maybe less. the real probles is only the size, the size of string
> literals only.

If your byte code has little endian ints, and your CPU want big endian
ones, you have to convert every single int read from the bytecode.
That hurts performance. And the bytecode loading is I/O bound on
systems reading the data from disks, but on very memory constrained
embedded environments (that benefit the most from bytecode format),
the bytecode is likely to be read directly from a fast flash memory,
so endianness conversion (and a fortiori float conversion) can hurt
performance badly.