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>>>>> "JV" == Jerome Vuarand <> writes:

 >> what performance do you speak of? that's mostly a time of disk
 >> I/O. simplicity... it'll take a few lines of a code - maybe 50,
 >> maybe less. the real probles is only the size, the size of string
 >> literals only.

 JV> If your byte code has little endian ints, and your CPU want big endian
 JV> ones, you have to convert every single int read from the bytecode.
 JV> That hurts performance. And the bytecode loading is I/O bound on
 JV> systems reading the data from disks, but on very memory constrained
 JV> embedded environments (that benefit the most from bytecode format),
 JV> the bytecode is likely to be read directly from a fast flash memory,
 JV> so endianness conversion (and a fortiori float conversion) can hurt
 JV> performance badly.

reading the flash device is extremally slow comparing to CPU speed.

Yours sincerely, Eugeny.
Doctor Web, Ltd.