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>>>>> "TH" == Tim Hunter <> writes:

 TH> The luac man page explains that the binary files are "portable only
 TH> among architectures with the same word size and byte order." One of my
 TH> target architectures is the IBM mainframe. Am I correct to assume that
 TH> the architectures must also have the same floating point format and
 TH> character encoding? Are there any other portability considerations?

could someone tell me why doesn't Lua have the portable
bytecode? we support x86, amd64, IA64, Sparc 32 and Sparc 64
CPUs, so I have to compile the Lua code for them all. my dream
is only one compilation and new package loader, the loader which
'll be able to load the code from zip file :)

Yours sincerely, Eugeny.
Doctor Web, Ltd.