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>>>>> "RK" == Rob Kendrick <> writes:

 RK> Making something that can read a generic format, especially when
 RK> you're doing with floating point numbers, is not fun.  Doing so
 RK> it's fast is
 >> you can store them in ASCII, like they are in the source.

 RK> What about constant simplification?  The numbers in a compiled chunk
 RK> may not be easily or precisely represented in ASCII.  And anyway, at
 RK> that point, why bother compiling the chunk at all?  Compilation is not
 RK> a barrier to keeping your sources secret, nor is it something that will
 RK> keep your code smaller (compiling it often makes it larger.)  The only
 RK> thing it saves you is a (small) amount of time compiling it, and the
 RK> possibility to exclude the compiler from your build of Lua in tightly
 RK> resource-constrained systems.

yes, the CPU time is the most critical resource for me. I have to
keep bytecodes in a cache now for a some time. anyway, the
portability is the good point for everyone. would you argue? ;-)

Yours sincerely, Eugeny.
Doctor Web, Ltd.