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Louix wrote:
Trust me. Mine's not even finished and it does more than that. Just no syntax highlighting :P But there can always be a version 2 now, can't there?

By "Too many studios...", I'm just observing that "PSP LUA Software Studio" is very similar to "Lua PSP Studio". I'm discussing naming only, not the project or its features. People with similar ideas might end up going down broadly similar paths, ditto with names of projects.

I think being a niche app, even an 'unrelated' name is not really a disadvantage, since uptake will depend more on promoting the project in specific communities and the response of the said communities to the project.

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Jan Schütze wrote:
If you liked that studio-thing, why not "Lua PSP Studio", if you plan to make it a batteries included psp+lua development environment?

First Google hit was this:

Too many studios...

[snipped all]

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
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