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Louix wrote:
Ok, I suppose I'll have to come up with another name.
I have thought about a billion names and the only two I really liked were Lua Studio (which is an IDE but not focused around PSP development) and Lua Workshop (an event).
Any ideas?

The words, "studio" and "workshop" are used by large, mainstream or commercial IDEs. So people are going to make those mental links or associations and form expectations, you cannot stop that. Too big an impedance mismatch and you'll get head-scratching.

If you are planning a non-niche, mainstream project, it would be fine, I think, that is, if you think you can live up to such a 'big' name. (If I were to take control of "Lua Studio" or "Lua Workshop", I would beforehand make very, very sure that it is a serious and major thing, mainstream Lua, and substantiative and supported, platform agnostic, and at least a working alpha release, but that's just me.)

But if it is a *niche* product, it might leave a lot of people scratching their heads, both now and in the future. Reading your response above, I'm unsure whether you are now discussing a mainstream project (as you mentioned in the above "an IDE but not focused around PSP development") or a niche project (the one on your website that is Windows .NET only and for a limited PSP audience).

The issue here is not about trademarks or copyrights or naming precedence or any legal thingy; it's about how individuals or groups within this community deals with a limited namespace -- a limited number of 'good' words to be matched with 'Lua'. For example, it is 'bad' of me to grab a dozen units of this namespace by applying for LuaForge accounts if I cannot fully 'utilize' them. It's sort of a social norms or community norms thing, and I guess I mine is a conservative opinion, and I speak only for myself as one data point.

In a nutshell... it would be great if 'big' names in the Lua namespace are used by substantiative projects that exist and are active, and are well-matched to the name. We don't, as a community, 'enforce' anything, but I'm sure most of us would like to see well-known or familiar words or names used in the best possible way.

KHMan wrote:
[snip snip]

I would expect something very different from a product with that name, too. I would suggest something with PSP in the name, to create a reference for the products main purpose.

Jan (DracoBlue)

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia