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One relatively simple thing you can do is switch the default number type (lua_Number) from double to float.  Depending on your platform, this can make a significant improvement in performance.  Of course, this requires that your use of Lua would be tolerant of lower precision numbers.


Also, Lua has a couple assert-like validation macros – make sure those are disabled (unless you’re trying to debug something).  I can’t remember the specific macro names off the top of my head.


-Andrew Yount



From: [] On Behalf Of Manish Jain
Sent: Monday, July 21, 2008 5:33 AM
To: Lua list
Subject: Lua: Performance



I understand that it is not logical to compare performance of Lua(or any scripting) language with an application programming languages(like C), but I am struggling to improve performance of my Lua module. I understand that ‘luac’ does not help to improve performance. Do we have something in same direction to improve lua performance? Anything except moving to C will help.


Best Regards,

Manish Jain