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On Wed, Aug 6, 2008 at 2:17 PM, Andrew Wilson <> wrote:
Some apps just include doing an install of vcredist_x86.exe before
installing themselves, maybe that's the solution? AGRW

Alright. I did a lot more research and fixed the problem. It was a combination of old VC8.0 run-time (I was shipping the pre-SP2 VC8.0 run-time) and placing the 'Microsoft.VC80.CRT' directory under every sub-directory that contains a dll. This way it can load the run-time for each library individually. Please take note of this because if there is a manifest embedded in a dll the run-time will be loaded for every dll that gets loaded. This is a great waste of resources, but this is the way Microsoft now requires it, so we can't fight it. Also it seems like a waste of space, but I guess disc space is cheap.

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