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On Tue, Aug 5, 2008 at 8:59 PM, Antonio Scuri <> wrote:

  Let me just complement with something we did for Lua for Windows. The LuaBinaries DLL today do not have the manifests embedded. And we had some minor problems that were best solved if they had.

I thought this was the EXE not the DLL. I think it is the right idea to embed the manifest in the main executable. If fact it makes sense, but to do this in a late-loaded DLL (C Module) just creates too much headache. If fact, I can only find _one_ solution, to install the 'vcredist_x86.exe'. This is just difficult if you have many computers to maintain. And the benifits don't outway the resulting conflicts, in my opinion.

So I build a custom DLL for Lua for Windows to have some feedback on this issue. But the LuaBinaries DLLs are not dynamically loaded, so it is not the same problem reported by Ryan.


 I was just ready to release the next IUP version including the manifests. I think it is a good idea that modules developed with VC8/VC9 have their manifests embedded. This explicitly says to the system what RTL DLL you are using.

This will then *require* 'vcredist.exe' to be installed. I just can't stress enough that I feel this is the wrong desision. I think others can comment on this to help stress the problem or to explain how I am wrong.

This problem needs to be further investigated. So far I understood that the problem occurs only when using the "lua.exe" executable in an environment that does not have the mscvr80.dll installed on the Windows repository, right?

Yes, and the only way that happens is through the vcredist_x86.exe, as far as I can tell.
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