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Hi guys,

I am having a problem, under Windows, with the LuaBinaries and the VC8.0 run-time loading C modules. I have confirmed that IUP works with the wlua.exe, but the lua.exe just doesn't seem to work. This has to do with the VC8.0 run-time and I need a solution that doesn't require the installation of vcredist_x86.exe [1]. So is there a manifest problem with lua.exe? Thoughts?

To show the problem you need a machine that does not have Visual C++ 8.0 installed or the vcredist_x86.exe. An example that causes an error:
system error 14001
require "socket"
or any C module you have installed.

To get a quick Lua environment setup use Lua for Windows [2]. Lua for Windows has this same error and is the reason I am investigating the proper way to package the VC8.0 run-time.

Thanks for any help.

RJP Computing