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"Paul Moore" <> wrote:
> At that point, we'll probably have to fight over who gets the name
> lua4nt :-) Maybe I could rename my plugin to tcclua, and look like my
> plugin is more modern than yours :-) :-)

He he. Well, your plugin was on the scene earlier, so take your pick.
I'll take the leftovers;-)

> > I think 4NT/TCC is a near-perfect match for Lua (at least in a Windows
> > environment). There are certainly amazing possibilities for much deeper
> > integration between the two, but the lack of documentation on the plugin
> > side is a problem. But you knew that already;-)
> Absolutely! I'm currently working on being able to execute Lua defined
> functions as commands or TCC functions, so that you could do
> C:\> lua function hi(name) print("Hello, " .. name) end
> C:\> lua function add1(n) return n+1 end
> C:\> alias hi=lua /F hi
> C:\> function add1=`%@LUA[add1,%$]`
> C:\> hi Thomas
> Hello, Thomas
> C:\> echo %@add1[12]
> 13

Hey, you're giving me some ideas to chew over... Actually I am currently
thinking of ways to execute Lua code directly in a batch file but with
the current plugin architecture this won't turn out to be as elegant as
I'd wish. Sigh.

Still a good thing, this extensibility.

cheers  thomasl