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On 10/07/2008, Thomas Lauer <> wrote:
> "Paul Moore" <> wrote:
> Hey Paul, you're the 'p.f.moore' who's posting over on the 4nt list as
> well? If so, it seems you're into writing another plugin for 4nt;-)

That's me - yes, I have a Lua plugin for 4NT. I think I started mine a
bit before yours, but it stalled for a while after I'd got it to a
point where it was working, and I was out of ideas where to go next.
My code is at

I've had a look at your lua4nt, it looks similar to mine, but yours
seems more geared towards interactive use where I'm trying more to
make Lua useful in batch files, etc.

You'll probably have seen by now that I found my problem - I was
recreating the interpreter when I didn't mean to, as part of some
changes I've added to support multiple interpreters (LUA /2 xxx runs
chunk xxx in interpreter number 2).