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> Could you be even more specific and say exactly which contact list?
> (This might take the form of e-mail addresses it mentions and/or a URL
> where this "contact list" can be found.)  Without extra details I
> don't think we'll know which online documentation you mean, and hence
> won't be able to determine if there's something here that can be
> usefully updated/fixed.

Probably he meant the list of authors. Before sending to this list, he sent
us this nice message:

  I have had this piece of crap for over a month and still can't get it to
  install. Your read me file is very confusing. Plat paths make file test
  install. All these are designed very poorly. How about a simply install so i
  can at least start learning to write script and stop screwing with an
  install that is barbaric one wonders if the language can possibly worth
  learning. I am running windows xp. I have downloaded your 5.1.3 version. All
  files want to know what program to open them. Install does nothing. All I
  want is to be able to start the damn thing. What moron thought releasing it
  in this shape was a good thing?

-- Roberto