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There is the fact that lua is popular among gaming companies.. The dev
cycle of a game is usually different from most software in that it's
very self contained, and is usually shorter (no need to keep releasing
new versions after the game is publushed). It's also very common to
just build lua into your code and start patching it, since you know
you'll stick to the same version until release.

Still, World of Warcraft might be an exception, since it requires more
support and follow up, as most massive games do. They'll probably
never upgrade versions tho.. Also (speaking as a business owner now),
we have chosen lua for our game engine, which is a bit of a
longer-term project, since it's not limited to just one game
development time, and upgrading versions wouldn't be out of the
question, given the right circumstances (still, I don't think we'd
ever do it in the middle of a game).