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There's even a certain amount of self-contradiction in the responses. I've been accused of being unreasonable, asking for a document signed in blood, and asking for the Moon, because five years is too long to expect to rely on a product. By extension, then, I should not expect to rely on Lua for five years. (And yes, I have had to answer a client's question "What happens if you get hit by a bus tomorrow and die?" as part of the bid process. That's the difference between being an employee and an independent business owner.)

What I am looking for is a "roadmap" that says official releases will be available, these are the people in place to ensure the servers are up and running, here is a list of bugs to be addressed, here is why stability is not "end-of-lifed." I am puzzled that such a simple request is met with such responses.

Ask not what Lua can do for you, ask what you can do for Lua.

(this is not intended as a whimsical response, I assure you)

As for the term "end-of-life": it's hard to imagine how this applies to software for which full source code is freely available.

[...] They approve the bids and write the checks.

No bids or checks involved in open source software. Different ecosystem. Different logic.

The above request is not so simple. A "request" assumes some party is obliged to provide an answer. The license clearly states otherwise:
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