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> Ask not what Lua can do for you, ask what you can do for Lua.
> (this is not intended as a whimsical response, I assure you)

Sounds good to me.  I volunteer to write Lua's succession plan.  Who seconds my self-nomination?

> > [...] They approve the bids and write the checks.
> No bids or checks involved in open source software.  Different
> ecosystem.  Different logic.'s that air and sunlight diet working for you?  

> The above request is not so simple.  A "request" assumes some party is
> obliged to provide an answer.  The license clearly states otherwise:
> See also:
> and

I love the line

"These business models have come into existence recently and their operation is not commonly understood."

Unless you plan on doing projects for free, you have to answer the question how to get paid, as in how do you get paid for the project you wrote using Lua.



"Anything war can do, peace can do better."  --  Desmond Tutu