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On Wed, 25 Jul 2007 23:36:02 -0400
L-28C <> wrote:

> >> btw, why not incorporate luallegro into your engine (and move
> >> everthing not speed-critical to Lua? %-)
> Sounds like a great idea! :-D
> But, erm, how do I do that? I looked through the LuAllegro source but 
> found nothing resembling a 'register' function to use from C, so I 
> thought of requiring the DLL from within Allegro, but that didn't
> work...
> What's the right way? Thanks! ;-)
the easiest thing is add all luallegro files in your project tree and
call luaopen_allegro() (you can find this function in `lua_aleg.c'). it
will register all luallegro parts. or you can register only necessary
parts. see luaopen_allegro() sources:

luaopen_allegro_gui (L);

so you can register only what you need. %-)