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I agree that LuaCOM is extremely useful!
I'd love to be able to use it on Windows CE.
Would it be a lot of work to adapt LuaCOM to Windows CE? I'd really appreciate that, please. From what I can tell, the main issue in porting stuff to Windows CE is that all the WinCE APIs are Unicode. Of course with anything as complex as COM I'm sure there will be some other issues too. But I think it would be well worth doing and make a lot of other developers happy!


Ignacio Burgueño wrote:
Jeremy Darling wrote:
Easiest way (that I know of) is to put it up some place for download (eg: luaforge) with a little bit of information and then list it on the Lua Users Projects page ( <>).

I think it would be better to contact its maintainer (I think Fabio
Mascarenhas is) in order to have the updated LuaCOM hosted in LuaForge.
I also did some ugly patches to get it working with Lua51. I'd like to
change LuaCOM in order to:
- drop Lua4 support
- rewrite its comments in english (not that many people here understand
- not initialize COM by default (i.e. I'd like to expose the
CoInitialize call, so I can specify the threading model).
- the string conversion routines use UTF-8. I needed to change that to
CP_ACP in order to get things working.
- Correct a bug with in,out parameters

I think LuaCOM is an extremely useful library for Windows users, since
it provides access to a huge amount of code that's already "there".
Anyway, maybe we can work out some kind of coordinated effort to update
the current version (1.3, the one in LuaForge)

Ignacio Burgueño