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Easiest way (that I know of) is to put it up some place for download (eg: luaforge) with a little bit of information and then list it on the Lua Users Projects page ( ).

I'm curious, does your update surface it as a DLL that can be required from a standard Lua script or do you have to completely re-build Lua to use it?  Either way, I'd love to get a copy and see if it solves my problem :).

On 7/13/07, Dave Nichols <> wrote:
I have ported LuaCOM to 5.1 but do not know how to donate it. (I'm not a
C programmer and Wiki's are a mystery to me). If anyone can give me an
idiots guide to giving everyone access to it I'll gladly do it.

Petr Stetiar wrote:
> Jeremy Darling <> [2007-07-13 08:03:11]:
>> I've searched all over the web and the only library I've found is LuaCOM,
>> but the last update was back in 2005 and it appears is for Lua 5.0.  I'm
>> working in Lua 5.1 and would like something that worked as a standard DLL
>> Module that can be plugged under Lua itself.  Anyone have any ideas on where
>> to start or if there is another way to go about this using only the normal
>> Windows API?  Sorry for the two sided question, but I'm going nuts!
> You can either port LuaCOM to recent Lua release (consider it, you're giving
> something back), or you can use C/Invoke[1] and use Windows OLE/API directly.
> Similar to Python's ctypes or .Net's pinvoke().
> 1.
> -- ynezz


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