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I've been working on a scripting application that helps our QA department perform load testing.  When this was a thin client application it was no problem as it simply connected to the local web server and then pushed its commands up the pipe.  Now, they want to perform thick client testing as well.  Everything was going well until I realized that you can't use the Windows API to enumerate the controls within IE 6 or IE 7 (should have guessed) and instead you have to use OLE objects.

Working directly with the mouse and inputs and exact positioning is difficult (especially when you have producers and creative moving things on the screens) so the idea is to enumerate all of the objects within the browser window and provide a list of named objects that can be read/written.

I've searched all over the web and the only library I've found is LuaCOM, but the last update was back in 2005 and it appears is for Lua 5.0.  I'm working in Lua 5.1 and would like something that worked as a standard DLL Module that can be plugged under Lua itself.  Anyone have any ideas on where to start or if there is another way to go about this using only the normal Windows API?  Sorry for the two sided question, but I'm going nuts!


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