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Jeremy Darling wrote:
Easiest way (that I know of) is to put it up some place for download (eg: luaforge) with a little bit of information and then list it on the Lua Users Projects page ( <>).

I think it would be better to contact its maintainer (I think Fabio
Mascarenhas is) in order to have the updated LuaCOM hosted in LuaForge.
I also did some ugly patches to get it working with Lua51. I'd like to
change LuaCOM in order to:
- drop Lua4 support
- rewrite its comments in english (not that many people here understand
- not initialize COM by default (i.e. I'd like to expose the
CoInitialize call, so I can specify the threading model).
- the string conversion routines use UTF-8. I needed to change that to
CP_ACP in order to get things working.
- Correct a bug with in,out parameters

I think LuaCOM is an extremely useful library for Windows users, since
it provides access to a huge amount of code that's already "there".
Anyway, maybe we can work out some kind of coordinated effort to update
the current version (1.3, the one in LuaForge)

Ignacio Burgueño