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On Sun, 29 Apr 2007 11:11:31 +0100 (BST), "Rici Lake"
<> wrote:

>Steve Heller wrote:
>> It almost works now when I run ldb in a command prompt window. The
>> only problem I have now is that emacs steals focus every time I
>> execute a debugger command, when it displays the current line. Is
>> there a way to tell emacs not to do that, but to leave focus where it
>> was (on the window that is running ldb)?
>I'd like to know that, too :) I don't use either Windows or Emacs very
>much, but I'd love to put more editor glue configurations in the
>distro. So if you work it out, let me know or better yet put it
>on the cvstrac wiki (there's an empty page waiting for additions

I'll be happy to do that if I work it out, but unfortunately even the
"excellent" documentation on emacs assumes you know a lot more about
emacs than I do. For example, what do the arguments in the emacsclient
mean? Is there a way to tell it to transfer control to another program
after it runs its command? And so on.