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Stefan Brantschen wrote:
>> Has anyone here figured out how to run the lua
>> debugger that Rici Lake wrote under Emacs?
> May I assume that you checked out the ldb configuration file for emacs at
>   <>
> but it does not work (file "ldb-config.emacs.lua")?

It works well enough for me. I don't like the 'sleep' hack to make sure
the emacs window is up. Even when that fails to launch quickly enough,
it only takes a single command in the debugger to get it displaying in
the Emacs window.

Like both of you, I have neither the time nor the inclination to dig
deeply into Emacs to get it working perfectly. Yes, it raises the Emacs
window after each debugger command, but under Linux I have focus set to
the cursor, not to the top window, so it is acceptable for me. I haven't
found a way to do that under Windows. Does anyone out there know of a
way to have focus follow the cursor without raising the window to the top?

I'd certainly be interested in an Emacs guru's solution to the problem!


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