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Sam Roberts wrote:
On Sat, Sep 23, 2006 at 03:55:13PM +1000, Mike Kreuzer wrote:
I for one find the list format inconvenient in the extreme, I guess
 what I'm asking is who else agrees?

Not me.

Whats inconvenient about email?

If its your tool (you use an email agent that can't thread messages,
for example, but your news agent can), have you considered gatewaying
the list to a site-local newsgroup? You wouldn't even know its really
a mailing list if you did this. Its been years since I've set this
up, but at the time I found a simple nntp server designed for exactly
this, and it worked very well.


I've just found gmane.comp.lang.lua.general in the hierarchy.  As an
immediate example of the benefits of nntp over email, I've also just
discovered all the other replies to the original post (including several
suggesting gmane!)

(This email is a test of using this particular mail-news-mail gateway.
If it works, then I'm back to being happy with the status quo).

Regards, Mike