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There seems little point to me in creating a usenet group in addition to this list, what I was proposing was creating the newsgroup & scrapping the list. I for one find the list format inconvenient in the extreme, I guess what I'm asking is who else agrees?

The mechanics of setting up a usenet group are outlined on one page at:
It's pretty straightforward really.

This disconnected set of emails constitutes the start of step 1, informal discussion. What I'm proposing is an unmoderated group with the name comp.lang.lua

Jumping ahead for a moment, we've already got the hardest part of step 2 (the RFD, the request for discussion) done, we've got the traffic analysis at The rationale & the charter are the same as for this list (& if we don't have a written one, well I'm sure we can manage to get something together).

Mike Kreuzer