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Chris Marrin wrote:

"Ah, but that's different" :)
Ah, but that's differentLY.
Not really. AppleScript IS oddball. And it's in the past. Look at dashcode, which we just previewed and will be released in Leopard. It is a very nice Javascript IDE. You write Dashboard widgets with Javascript, web pages with Javascript and you can even do general scripting with it. AppleScript is around for compatibility. In fact, one of the reasons Apple can't tolerate another scripting language is because then one day there would be yet another legacy scripting language to support forever.
Since when did Apple support any of their legacy scripting languages forever?
I thought they just dumped them then pretended they never existed.
I can't find any mention of ScriptX on Apple's web site -- where do I go for support?

Which JavaScript interpreter is Apple using for Dashboard?
Is speed and memory usage an issue, or is that kind of stuff totally irrelevant at Apple?

Hopefully you're not using Spidermonkey -- it's the slowest, least memory efficient scripting language by far -- even PHP leaves it in the dust: