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On Sep 20, 2006, at 6:40 AM, Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:

My first question is: why does your FAQ ignore the 600lb gorilla,  
_javascript_? This is not unusual, the Lua designers did the same thing  
in designing Lua.

Unfortunately, we had no opportunity to ignore _javascript_ ;) By the
time _javascript_ was created, Lua was already three years old.

A good point and one we all know well. But the sad fact remains that Lua's oddball syntax is what keeps it from having better penetration into corporate culture. This is perhaps only sad to me, because I want to use Lua, but I also want to work at Apple. And I'm afraid Lua has not yet come up with a paycheck for me :-)

~Chris                       And now, an important message from Microsoft:  "Dear aunt, let's set so double the killer delete select all"