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On Sep 20, 2006, at 9:49 AM, Rici Lake wrote:

On 20-Sep-06, at 11:23 AM, Chris Marrin wrote:
But the sad fact remains that Lua's oddball syntax is what keeps it from having better penetration into corporate culture. This is perhaps only sad to me, because I want to use Lua, but I also want to work at Apple. And I'm afraid Lua has not yet come up with a paycheck for me :-)

Given that Apple came up with AppleScript, it's a bit hard to believe that their corporate culture discourages oddball syntaxes.

"Ah, but that's different" :)

Not really. AppleScript IS oddball. And it's in the past. Look at dashcode, which we just previewed and will be released in Leopard. It is a very nice _javascript_ IDE. You write Dashboard widgets with _javascript_, web pages with _javascript_ and you can even do general scripting with it. AppleScript is around for compatibility. In fact, one of the reasons Apple can't tolerate another scripting language is because then one day there would be yet another legacy scripting language to support forever. 

Lua is perfectly useable on Macs, as is Python, Perl, Ruby and Forth. But from a end-user visible tools standpoint we're all over _javascript_.

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