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Noel Frankinet a écrit :
I am finishing a lua to WTL binding right now (WTL is a thin template wrapper around win32,so its native win32, not .net). The user interface is defined in XML and the interaction in lua (like XUL : HTML/javascript integration).

??? Why use XML?

Using XML in Lua is OK if you need to process XML data from the outer world. XML is great in interprocess communication, I think. Or for data that must be processed, transformed, etc.

But since Lua is, historically, basically a data description language <>, for such relatively closed usage, it would be better (more readable, easier to type (generate?), faster to parse) to use Lua to define the user interface.

Just my 2€c.

Beside that, this project is interesting. Well, it is unfortunate that there are many proprietary wrappers around Win32 API/GUI (if judging from some messages I see) and no clear leader on the field.

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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