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I don't think the 2 of 5 rating was off at all.  This book does cover a
basic method for binding Lua and C++, it covers all tasks for using Lua to
control game logic and UI scripting - even for saving game states.  It's
just not very good - because it shows the most rudimentary way of
accomplishing these tasks.  There are much slicker and cleaner ways to do
everything that the author shows, but he does actually cover everything he
says he was covering.

Run to a library and check it out - no money spent, and you can evaluate its
usefulness to your project goals on your own.  If you can't find it in a
library yet, just skim it at the local bookstore.  This is how I decide on
what books to buy, personally, so I don't have the "I bought this book with
such-and-such expectations and I was terribly disappointed" stories to throw
out there.