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Christof Schardt a écrit :
Hello Noel,

Hello Christof
Features :

Really sound great.

The "Reflexis Lite" approach is completely different
from yours, because it doesn't rely on the windows-
controls but rather draws and manages them itself.
Just on HWND and within that only selfmade stuff.
Although portablity was no design-goal, it turns out
to be easy that way.
Yes portability this way must be excellent
Regarding your description:
1. Lua is so easy to write, that nor an IDE neither
a UI-Designer is a must for a lib like yours.
If you provide an TeX-like hbox/vbox-System, the dialogs
and windows can just be written down. All does it
this way now (wx, Qt, IUP,...). Resizing, adapting,
translating and all that is then for free.
So, IDE and UI-Designer are not really 'missing'.
I agree completely, but for "user-acceptance" an IDE seems to be a must have ?
If you need assistance in implementing the TeX-concept,
I could give hints or assist.
Any help is appreciated, for now I use a simple left to right, top to bottom flow system.
Gadget can either be fixed or fill to right and fill to bottom.
Special gadget (vertical or horizontal separator) limit the expansion of other gadgets.
These separator can be  movable (they act like a splitter) or fixed.
2. Binding to qt... not a must either, at least as of now.
I would have taken Qt if it would run on PDA, my real goal is the PDA.

It would be nice to see more.

As soon as I have a html page, I will let you know
Thank you for your input
Best regards

Christof Schardt

Best regards

Noël Frankinet
Gistek Software SA